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Our Team is Your Team

"I love to coach willing students. Students who go the extra mile to do the core work it takes to put a solid foundation on their horse.  I don't believe in short cuts. I don't teach this way. I never have and I never will.  I do teach foundation. I teach respect. I teach purpose." 

                                                                             ~Stephanie Parker-founder of Parker Eventing


Susan Wagner

Special Events Coordinator

Susan didn't ride a sheep as a child, but she did grow up on a working cattle ranch and rode a Shetland pony from hell. When she asked for an english saddle at age 8, her family laughed at her. But Grandpa Charlie was a softie and built her a dressage court with his tractor. Susan has a lengthy resume of winnings & accomplishments too, like riding with the UCDavis Eventing Team on her horse, Bo.

Stephanie-Headshot color.JPG

Stephanie Parker

Instructor & Trainer

Stephanie has been competing since 1978 and began coaching in 1989. She loves horses so much, that as a kid she used to ride a sheep and pretend it was a horse.  That passion never faded and years later Stephanie would walk 8 miles a day in a foreign country to ride with the Latvian Olympic Team (see Beyond the Blue Story). Stephanie's personal coach is John Camlin of Caber Farm. John was short-listed and long listed for the US Olympic Team as well as being an International Level Eventer. She has trained under top notch equestrians like John Williams,  three-time US Olympic team member and Brian Sabo. The knowledge acquired from numerous learning experiences in Stephanie's life is graciously passed on to her students. Stephanie is a Certified USEA LEVEL III Instructor and Trainer and is considering getting her TD certification. She has a lengthy resume of winnings & accomplishments. Stephanie's students receive high level instruction with a solid foundation of core horsemanship skills.


Brooke Parker

Moving Pipe
Tractor Junkie

Its' a good thing Brooke loves the tractor because she spends a serious amount of time on it. If you can't find her on the tractor, then you can find her moving pipe because that cross country field doesn't water itself. She's a hard worker and keeps the facility in tip top shape. She also likes to shoot guns and trail ride. Go Brooke!


Kristine Parker

Groom, Gardener

& Bunny Lover

Kristine likes to ride the tractor too, but it's like stealing a toy from a toddler to get Brooke off it. So Kristine breeds rabbits. Not backyard bunnies, but National Champion rabbits. She tries to take care of the garden and the chickens but the chickens eat the stuff in the garden, so it's difficult. She loves all animals and she's an awesome horse show groom. It's  secret talent not many people know about.

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