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Our Team is Your Team

"I love to coach willing students. Students who go the extra mile to do the core work it takes to put a solid foundation on their horse.  I don't believe in short cuts. I don't teach this way. I never have and I never will.  I do teach foundation. I teach respect. I teach purpose." 

                                                                             ~Stephanie Parker-founder of Parker Eventing


Susan Wagner

Web Design

Susan has a passion for eventing and has two off the track thoroughbreds. Along with a passion for horses she is talented with web design and helped revamp a very outdated website for Parker Eventing.  If you need help with your web site please feel free to contact her at the email listed above.

Stephanie-Headshot color.JPG

Stephanie Parker

Instructor & Trainer

Stephanie has been competing since 1978 and began coaching in 1989. She loves horses so much, that as a kid she used to ride a sheep and pretend it was a horse.  That passion never faded and years later Stephanie would walk 8 miles a day in a foreign country to ride with the Latvian Olympic Team (see Beyond the Blue Story). Stephanie's personal coach is John Camlin of Caber Farm. John was short-listed and long listed for the US Olympic Team as well as being an International Level Eventer. She has trained under top notch equestrians like John Williams,  three-time US Olympic team member and Brian Sabo. The knowledge acquired from numerous learning experiences in Stephanie's life is graciously passed on to her students. Stephanie is a Certified USEA LEVEL III Instructor and Trainer and is considering getting her TD certification. She has a lengthy resume of winnings & accomplishments. Stephanie's students receive high level instruction with a solid foundation of core horsemanship skills.


Brooke Parker

Facilities Help

Brooke helps Parker Eventing keep the cross country fields mowed and watered. She's a full time student at OSU Cascades and helps Stephanie keep the facility in tip top shape.  

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