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"Horses keep me mentally & physically healthy. A sort of therapy if you will. I have deep respect for the animal and Stephanie has the same philosophy, so training with her is a great fit. Her knowledge is unending and she has great solutions to problems my horse & I encounter."   

                                                              ~ Susan   


"Training with Stephanie has built my confidence and my horse's confidence. Her teaching style is easy to understand and it sticks in my brain."

                                           ~ Ruby


"It's important to me to ride and train with someone who has competed at the level and type of riding I'm interested in. Stephanie is a successful competitor and knows what it takes to move up the levels."

                                                        ~ Theresa


Stephanie-Heidi&Axle Dressage_edited.jpg


"I have ridden my entire life and it is a huge passion. I love Stephanie because nothing gets by her! She has you ride correctly down to the minutiae."   

 ~ PK, student

"Her eye, understanding of exercises, willingness and ability to communicate with her students suits her well as an instructor...she is among those who will be leading the way toward greater understanding and greater skill in the sport of eventing." 

~ Sue Hershey

USEA ICP committee Co-Chair

"Stephanie has a very well developed teaching style which has helped her create advanced horsewomen from beginning riders. With her encouraging teaching style and expert focused instruction, lessons have been productive and positive. Students and parents of students have frequently complimented Stephanie to me on her well thought out theories of horsemanship and her ability to cater to each rider's specific comfort level and abilities."  

~ Caroline Meneghelli

Owner/Manager Inavale Farm

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